Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Cornwall Boys

Here is a list of the 16 men who left from Cornwall on the morning of Monday, March 17th 1941 (as well as another who went out separately). Several of the biographies sent in by those who couldn't attend the reunion note that it was a Monday, that it was rainy and miserable, but no one notes that it was St. Patrick's Day; guess they had other things on their mind!

Robert E. Owen
Louis P. Graziano
Martin C. Monahan Jr.
James Hogan
James Van Zetta
Fred LaVigne Jr.
Ralph E. Burke
John W. Logan
Harold W. Seibert
Gilbert G. Schoonmaker
John Favaro
Robert E. Karl
Louis A. Palella
Robert L. Rosenberg
Mac C. Thomas
Clarence W. Van Leuven

Not in this group, but joining up with my grandfather was Matthew J. (Joseph) Hogan, another Highland Falls boy.

The envelope for the reunion packet also lists a Mr. Vince Connelly of the Newburgh Evening News, who photographed the event. It looks as though this paper ceased publication in 1990, but it would be great to track down any photos that might exist.

For the sake of clarity, I'll give each man his own entry with any information I have; as more becomes available, his entry will be updated.

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