Monday, March 8, 2010


The purpose of this blog (or at least the hope of the author) is to share with the world the story of the sixteen 304 Draft Board selectees who left Cornwall, NY on March 17th, 1941, and to reconnect with their families to share stories and information that may otherwise be lost.

This blog will share information, dates, names, addresses and personal anecdotes about the 16 men present that day; all of them proved to be brave and gallant heroes who's stories are worth sharing. Hopefully their legacy will gain enough notice to help bring together those of us who knew and loved them.

I ask sincerely that anyone who has the opportunity to share this blog do so; accomplishing this goal will rely heavily on exposure gained by the kindness of you, the reader.

The anniversary of the Cornwall boys' departure is just over a week away, the 69th anniversary. Here's hoping that by the 70th anniversary, those of us who remember them can commemorate their sacrifices together.

Thanks to everyone who has helped, or will help make this project a success. Through you, our American heroes live on.

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